Out of Control

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Sometimes things happen in our life that are out of our control. We desperately try to grab a hold of the situation but we simply have no luck. Not being in control of our own life is a frighting thought. When you feel you have no control that’s when the negative ideas start to form. We all get negative thoughts floating around in our minds, “am i good enough”, “what did i do wrong”, “why me?”. Remember that you need to take a hold of your life. You are the only one who can change the negative thoughts to positive ones and pick up and keep moving.
This got me thinking about SL. Everyday I log on and I think to myself… why am I here exactly? what do i enjoy doing here? It’s so simple! I’m here to experience something I haven’t experienced before, to make people laugh and smile, and to inspire and excite others. I just want to make life better for everyone else. Sometimes going to sims, like the one in the pictures, helps clear your mind and allows it to open up to so many options, so many new fantastic thoughts. While I was walking around this gorgeous sim I found one spot which was beautiful and I just had to show of my new outfit I gathered together from various places. Firstly the sweater from Pumpkin, which is a work of art, comes in a multitude of colours and the under top you can change via a hud. I felt going with the pink and blue suited the mood of the place, two happy colours bright and fun. The chinos are from  [Dynasty]. A very simple design which I like. Something easy to wear with anything, not to over the top, and I really like that it just goes to the ankles… get to show a little skin with my fabulous new shoes I pick up at this current arcade event, I think i’ve fallen in love with these shoes. They look great and come in a few colours, that’s if you can get them all. I managed to get the same ones twice, unlucky for me, but i don’t mind because they are just perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

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Sorry about getting a little serious at the start there. I had some things running through my mind, wasn’t in the best of places. The two shops linked in this blog have some great clothes and are a first stop on any shopping spree. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my posts. Really appreciate it!



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