Just want to take a moment and explain something to those who would like to tear others down. No one is perfect! No one is free of mistakes or errors in their life and when you sit there in  your seat behind a computer and decide to bash and belittle others because you feel the need to make yourself feel a tad more important, or in this case less pathetic, then you are WRONG! Take a look in a mirror. When was the last time you made a mistake? When was the last time that you felt you had no room for improvement?

The goal of this blog is NOT to say “Hey I am perfect… look at me!” The goal of this blog is to share thoughts and ideas with others that might find them interesting or care about the subject. So yes… we misspell words and sometimes we leave a run on sentence. I am sorry that this bothers you SO much that you feel the need to inform everyone that this means that I or the people who work on this blog are not real bloggers. If anything I feel this makes us even more real. We make mistakes… we are HUMAN! If a spell check error or reading error was the ONLY thing you had to worry about for your day well then congratulations. I know for a FACT that the person who has an issue with a misspelled word has a lot more problems so please, PLEASE stop projecting your issues and your problems on someone else and their work.  You have a personal problem with someone then please… keep it personal! Do NOT go around spreading hate because I think we all get enough of that in RL. Do not try to take someones joy of blogging away because you want to take a stab at them in a personal manner.

I am truly grateful to those who have supported myself and the others who are learning and growing in the efforts to become a better blogger. No one is done learning new things and ideas and it is the people around me, including my friends, family, and sponsors, who make me want to work just as hard with every post. Without all of you I would have given up a long time ago!

Thank you and much appreciation



4 thoughts on “Disclaimer…

  1. very well said, and it’s sad someone has “issue.” I shore as ‘ell hope they never read my blog, I think I am probably every English teachers nightmare.. Don’t let the feckers get you down, if you enjoy what you do, and what you write, and if it makes sense to others, I say write on! It’s like when I am chatting with someone inworld and they apologize for misspelling a word, I always feel, don’t apologize, I knew just what you meant. None of us is perfect on all days, some like me, are so on few days, if someone doesn’t like what I write, they don’t have to cohabitate on my blog. I personally love this blog for all the ideas it gives me, so dust off the knickers and carry on! Happy weekend!

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