Woods Club


Wanted to take the time to introduce my newest sponsor. Woods Club is a new and upcoming club which will feature a bit of a twist. Every 2 months new gifts will be set out from some of the top designers in SL. An awesome concept! You tp in to a long dark hallway… as you walk down you enter into a ramp as you turn which holds the gifts. From there you walk into the dance club which I have to say was pretty amazing. I had a nice time dancing and hanging out which I haven’t had much time to do in a while. I wanted to show you just a couple of the items out for grabs now. This Woods Reloaded cami and these headphones are just two of the items you can pick up. Yes, there are even gifts for guys! I can not wait to see the gifts that are going to start being set out. Have a great day and thank you again to my newest sponsor 🙂



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