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Feeling a bit like a Tigress this morning… I recently had a friend of mine take some shots for me at his studio. Parker’s studio is owned by my dear friend Parker (obviously). I wanted to share his studio with everyone because I have had a ton of people asking me for photos or photographers and I myself do not do them, so I decided to share some of my favorite photographers that I know. Listed below is the “Interview” I did with Parker and you can read about more info to schedule your own photo session.

Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): Parker thank you SOOOO much for the beautiful photos! I was curious how you first realized you wanted to open your own studio?

Parker (parker72): I was taking pics for my own enjoyment and got tired of taking pics of myself…so, I worked up a portfolio  and went into business.

 Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): Lucky for us! 🙂

Parker (parker72): I am into photography in real life, so it was a natural progression.

Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): How did you feel when you finally had your first client?

Parker (parker72): Other than the fact that I took 110 pics to make sure I could come up with something they would like, it felt good.

Parker (parker72): It is nice to have your work acknowledged.

Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): haha is it more stressful now that you have paying clients?

Parker (parker72): Oh, no. The challenge is the fun.

Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): What do you find to be your favorites kind of shots?

Parker (parker72): I like to take shots that suggest a story….leaving that to the observer.

Parker (parker72): My favorite clients are the ones that give me a general idea of what they want to show of themselves, pick their wardrobe, and leave the rest to me.

Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): How much do you charge for certain photos and what can someone expect during a session?

Parker (parker72): I charge 350L for single pics or 5 for 1500L.

Parker (parker72): They can expect me to take my time…so I need some of theirs to do a shoot.

Parker (parker72): I guarantee satisfaction, so, they risk nothing but, time.

Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): and how do you prefer clients to contact and make appointments?

Parker (parker72): Ims are fine, but, if I am offline, a simple notecard is better.

Parker (parker72): I am flexible with my time and realize the differences in time zones….it is their dime so I accomidate my clients.

Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): Are there certain days that are better?

Parker (parker72): not, really….I try to work with anyone’s schedule.

 Tessa Auguscik (tessagrace51): Well Parker thank you so much! This really was a fantastic time and I loved my photos!

Parker (parker72): I am happy to hear that!

Parker (parker72): I enjoyed it as well.

One thing you should know though when scheduling an appointment, Parker does a sight and sound multimedia show at Cay’s at Woodland Lake on Wednesdays from 4 to 6pm slt. He should need a slight heads up of when you would like to schedule an appointment because he does spend a ton of time creating the show. I heard a small sample after our shoot and if you go visit you will not be disappointed! TOOTLES

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