Lost Without a Prayer

There is a new Cosmopolitan Sales Room round starting and I was on my way… BUT… I kinda wasn’t paying attention and took a wrong turn. I got this awesome new phone and because of that I just wasn’t paying much attention to which place I clicked and BAM before I knew it, I was in some future city. No one around to help either. 😦

I threw on a few items from this round before I left thank goodness! Ya know what my mother always said… always wear clean underwear and clothes! Never know who might see them if something happens. My top and jeans are from ::JK Style:: called Danyka. You can either pick to wear the sleeves with the shirt or not, but better safe than sorry. It could be cold in the future after all! My flats are these adorable Heart Love Ballet flats by 9ty. Flats are best to travel in after all and they come with a cute hud to change the heart and bow color. Last but certainly not least is the reason I am lost in the first place… This IAF Smart Phone with a Star Wars cover. Comes in several designs to choose from but given the choice of course I go with my all time favorite movie Star Wars. Who doesn’t love a storm trooper! This phone comes fit with 5 poses for male and female avatars. All of these items are available now at the new round at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Now you see why I want to go back!!! So many awesome things to see and get 🙂

Do us all a favor…. Please stay home and play with your new phones! Don’t text and TP! TOOTLES


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