Rock Skull


Tonight I am heading out to my mates party and the music will be Heavy Metal and Rock, and I am in no doubt that the Beers and the Smokes will be in endless supply tonight. This Rock Skull Tee from [[[[NOISE]]]]  definitely make me look like I am ready to drink hard and to party even harder. The Tee makes me look cool, a bad boy, a rebel to authority and damn right hot to all the rock chicks who will be wanting to find out just how bad I am at the party 🙂 . I will be honest with you, there are a lot of terrible looking Skull Tees out there in SL which make us guys look tacky. You will have no problem with this T Shirt because it oozes style and gives me the rock edge to feel confident, because I know I look dam good. The Shirts design just looks awesome. The advantages of the Tee is you don’t have to just wear it for a hardcore Rock Party, you can wear it for casual times at home or with friends and to simply relax in. I will give you the famous Matt Magic guarantee that it will fit like a glove on your body. It comes in five different sizes XS, S, M, L, XL. [[[[NOISE]]]] never fails to disappoint on price either. The Tee Skull Shirt will cost you only 75L and is available today only at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Today only!


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