Glam Is Everywhere!

I Call Your Name

It seems like every event you go to now a days LivGlam is participating. How they get the energy to do so much and create so many lovely designs for us… I just will never understand. LG has always been a personal favorite. If I meet new women in SL looking for great groups to join this would be one I would suggest on their list. To join their in world group you will need to pay 500L. Well worth the payment!!! Sometimes new people would rather have quantity over quality but the best part is you get BOTH!

Dont Hold Your Breath

“The Style Icon” Fashion Fair is no exception to LivGlam’s overall take over of all things fashion in SL. These three outfits that I have photographed are just to give you a small taste of some of the styles you can see at the fair. The first outfit, I Call Your Name, is a casual jean outfit that comes with pants, the undershirt, and the jean jacket. The 2nd outfit, Dont Hold Your Breath, features a wrapped jacket with flair pants. The 3rd outfit, Gloria, pictured below comes with the skirt and jacket and top as one. There are so many designs I can’t possibly show them all, but wanted you to at least prepare yourself.


I hope you enjoy “The Style Icon” Fashion Fair while it lasts. Please try not to wait till the end! TOOTLES

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