Romance at the Shops

Valentines Day is on Friday and I am in a bit of a mood. Not really an “I am going to wear hearts and all red” kinda mood. What do you think of when you think of romance? Does your heart begin to beat faster and you start writing a fake last name instead of your own? Do you think about just the first date jitters? Maybe those butterflies really are real after all! Sorry… yes I am going kind of random, but the point is that everyone has a different view on what they see as romantic. I am going old school… Lace, candles, and skin!

My outfit for this “mood” consists of the new release for this weeks round at the Slebrity Slection Street Sale. .::KL Couture::. has done it again with this slinky yet sexy Irma dress in white lace. To find the perfect accessories I went over to L’Accessoires and took a gamble playing on the Enfant Terrible gacha machine. I got super lucky and scored this rare gothic candle light dinner wings and gold candle light dinner necklace. There is so much to see there so you have to go yourself! Enjoy your shopping!!! TOOTLES


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