Is SL Your Movie?

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Sometimes it feels as if SL is nothing but a continuous motion picture that you log into daily. Some see this as a way to twist their plot. Will you make yours a love story or a break up motion picture? I prefer the love story but it seems every person who I meet wants to do the break up “I cheated on her, go me” kinda movie. People like to make their SL movie a completely different script than their RL one. Would you continuously cheat or act a fool in your RL? I find that more and more people here like to play the game. The game of twisting and playing with others emotions and feelings. It is just a second world right? Not real? Oh how I wish that were true. If only we didn’t have to remind people that there are others playing this “game” with feelings behind the screen. OH, you can separate the two? CONGRATS!!!! I however cannot do anything in either life without emotion and feeling, and sometimes as the director of MY story… I just have to say cut and take a time out.

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To escape the never ending movie, which the past couple of days have seemed more like a horror movie, I decided to try on some of the Icon inspired clothing from “The Style Icon” Fashion Fair. Miamai has been busy working on something just perfect for the casual Icon to do something like… lets say… walk on the beach. They have made this Vali shirt, pants, and necklace all just for you to still feel like a star even when you may just be digging your toes in the sand or digging your heels in trying to make the movie stop. The pants also come with an option to have the belt or not. Either way you look at it, this outfit is stunning and perfectly made. I am in love with it and will be a long time outfit for me. The Fair is now underway so please stop by and take a look at all the goodies for yourself! Now time to get back to this SL movie…. TOOTLES

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