Where’s The Party


I have the itch to get to a concert… a RL one yes, but a SL one will do for now I think. Alas, I finally find a concert place and… it’s empty! šŸ˜¦


I guess instead of listening to some awesome live music, I will just tell you what I am wearing instead. You knew I was going to go there regardless. Get ready because it is quite a bit. First, a new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room is going on. I am wearing the Venom Blues pants by HEYDRA, the Lambs and Demons tattoo by [ZENTRO], and the Pastel pack of lipstick by VIVID. ALL of these items you can find at the Cosmo room until February 15th! Do not wait because you will not be able to find these items at such an amazing price. Stop in and see for yourself šŸ™‚ As for the rest of my outfit… my hair is Eva by *Milk*, my necklace is Always in your chain by *May’s Soul*, my shirt is the Mjrie top from Baiastice, and my shoes are a color change sneaker from (SP). The poses that I am using are also available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and are the Musing Blogger Pack by {NanTra}.


I hope you have better luck than I do at finding a concert or some kind of party going on. Off to hunt for other places now… TOOTLES!


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