The Beginning….

It is the beginning… the beginning of what you might ask? The long awaited beginning of “The Style Icon” Fashion Fair! Jump down the rabbit hole with us and come to a wonderland of fashion. TODAY marks the first day of this stunning exhibit of all things Hollywood and glam. What better way to kick off the first day than to show off the dress made by the creator of this wonderful fair. Legal Insanity has brought us this exclusive punk gown in rose. The fit and textures are stunning and a must see. My pictures definitely do not do this gown justice. Also, the perfect accessory to this dress in my opinion is this exclusive  Grotesque laced tophat in red by No Salvation Designs. The lace up corset in the front gives a nice feminine gothic touch that no one can turn down. Please go take a look at “The Style Icon” Fashion Fair while you can till February 28th. Have a wonderful shopping day! TOOTLES


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