Enchanted Rose


I stumbled along this enchanted sim called Gates of Destiny. While visiting this sim, the inspiration for all sorts of things hit me… lucky for me I was just trying on the sneak peak of the new Haute Harlow Gown which will be released at “The Style Icon” Fashion Fair on Friday, February 7th. My mind immediately went to Beauty and the Beast. Everyone knows of the enchanted rose where the petals would fall and the beast needed to find true love… CLASSIC MOVIE! In this gown I felt as though I was one of those petals falling. I also had the perfect pose from elephant poses to add to my enchantment. AHHHH I love it when things just kinda fit together for me. Enough about my story behind the picture or my thoughts… BUT just wanted to bring this stylish gown to your attention. It comes in a ton of different colors for you to choose from too. The draping in the front is nicely balanced out with the flair of the skirt. Just trying to torture you of course until the fashion fair begins. šŸ™‚ Have an enchanted day! TOOTLES



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