Black Magic Woman

I got a black magic woman

Got me so blind I can’t see

That she’s a black magic woman

She’s tryin’ to make a devil out of me.

Yes, don’t turn your back on me baby

Stop messin’ eround with your tricks

Don’t turn your back on me baby

You just might pick up my magic sticks.

Yes you got your spell on me baby

Turning my heart into stone

I need you so bad – magic woman

I can’t leave you alone.

Welcome to the 3rd week of the Live to Blog contest! Our challenge this week was to pick a favorite song. HOW can you pick a completely favorite song? I sat here asking myself that very same question. It came down to two very different songs, but for my current mood, I felt I needed something a little more mysterious and unknown. Black Magic Women by Santana happens to be that very song for me. I adore guitar solos. Mainly because of the skill involved. Add the mysterious ways behind a women’s eyes and you get a very dangerous duo. Please if you like my photos this week go vote on Heny Hax Facebook Page under week 3  for Live To Blog in her photo albums and PLEASE like my photo.

A Special THANK YOU goes out to Shelly, the creator of Gates of Destiny. This sim actually took my breath away. She worked so hard and it truly shows with the design of the sim. You create your own destiny and there is no other place to do so than this breathtaking sim. I have done a few blog posts here and you will see more soon.

I was pleased to be able to work with the fabulous Don Mill for this weeks photo.  He was a complete gentleman and so honored that he will also feature this photo in his blog here. Don is wearing the 2 piece grey suit by Kauna and shoes by Elegance. The textures were fabulous along with the person wearing them.

I chose to wear more of a gypsy themed outfit. This particular song comes from Santana’s Gypsy Queen album. Gypsy’s by definition are very mysterious. They generally keep to themselves and often cause curiosity in their behavior. My outfit is the new release from Soedara. This is the Elysian Tiamat in White Phantom. Most do not think of white as being gypsy… maybe I was going for more of an innocent look? I am innocent 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this serious as much as I did. Have a fabulous day and do not forget to vote!!! TOOTLES


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