Are You Punkd?

Hey and thank you all for the warm welcome! I am happy to bring you my first ever blog post. To keep it simple, I wanted to show my newest jacket. The biggest YES and plus points for me with this Punkd Blue Jacket is I can wear this if i am going on a date with a special someone or if i want to just be casually dressed to hang out with friends to hit the Night Clubs or shops. Straight away your friends and even secret admirers will think, wow he is looking so dapper and cool. It is a trendy jacket and in my opinion can be used for any season of the year.  It fits like a glove and comes in three different sizes and can be worn as a jacket/Shirt or simply just a jacket if you want to flash those abs 🙂 . Plus, you get a HUD to change the shirt texture , eight different designs. Definitely a must buy! -Matt

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