Live To Blog

I am so excited to announce that I will be participating in the ***LIVE TO BLOG PROJECT by Heny***. This exciting contest is like the X-Factor for blogging if you want to compare. Each week we will be given a theme and these pictures will be posted on Heny Hax Facebook page in the Live to Blog album. The bloggers who move on each week will be based on photo likes so PLEASE go and vote for the best photos. This is extremely exciting for me because this will allow me to push myself out of my comfort zone and become a better photographer for my blog. Please stay tuned because if I am able to move on I will be posting my pictures here weekly! 

The picture above is this current weeks theme of I LOVE PARIS. Most people associate Paris with the Eiffel Tower, fashion, or Notre Dame Cathedral. There are tons of monuments and places to visit and is really a lovely city that I hope to be able to see one day. To me, Moulin Rouge happens to be the most interesting and mysterious part of the city. The famous Can-Can was born here but has been drastically toned down since the beginning. The things that occurred at this marvelous place truly are a mystery left to your imagination. For this, when i think about Paris besides the Eiffel Tower.. my thoughts run to Moulin Rouge! Hope you enjoy! TOOTLES 


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